Do we have a Justice Department or not?

During the past few weeks, we have confirmed what we suspected.  The Comey investigation of the Hillary email "matter" was a sham.  We knew that Comey did not call for a grand jury, did not issue subpoenas, and granted immunity to most of Hillary's pals.  Loretta Lynch told Comey to use the word "matter" instead of "investigation," and Lynch met with Bill Clinton days before the FBI questioned Hillary.  But now we know that Comey wrote the exoneration letter before he interviewed Hillary and before he completed the sham investigation.  Now we know why Comey did not put Hillary under oath when questioned.  There was no point to it, since he had already decided to give her a pass.  And not putting her under oath saved the additional problem that Hillary would naturally lie under oath, which would have required Comey to explain that Hillary lying under oath to the FBI was done without intent.

Now we know that Trump was correct when he said his lines at Trump Tower were "wiretapped." Maybe he did not use the exact language required, but everyone knew the meaning of Trump's charge.  James Clapper knew but lied by saying there was no FISA warrant.

Comey knew but lied when he said there was no wiretapping of Trump.

Clapper and Comey knew there was a FISA warrant for Paul Manafort at Trump Tower.  They knew that Manafort had worked as Trump's campaign manager and knew that the surveillance must have picked up Manafort speaking with Trump.  Yet both insisted they knew of no such evidence.  They both parsed words, in the best spirit of Bill Clinton parsing the meaning of "is" and "alone," not to answer fully and honestly.

The news about the FISA warrants on Manafort must have been leaked by Mueller's office; otherwise, how would we know about it?  Mueller is clearly focused on Manafort, as evidenced by the morning raid with a no-knock search of Manafort's house.  A no-knock warrant allows the police to enter without knocking or notice and is used when there is a probability that evidence will be destroyed between the time you knock on the door and the door's being opened.  This is typical when the area subject to search contains drugs that may be flushed.  But Manafort's warrant was for computers and documents that cannot be destroyed between the time of the knock and the entering, unless Mueller suspected that Manafort had taken Hillary's advice to scrub the computers with BleachBit.  Imagine if Comey had investigated Hillary as Mueller is investigating Manafort.

It is a crime to leak a FISA warrant.  Manafort has called for the Justice Department to investigate the leak and the reasons for the warrant.

We have also learned that Susan Rice and Samantha Power, both Obama political appointees, were unmasking the identities of numerous Americans from intelligence reports.

This information requires an investigation by the Justice Department, with professional prosecutors, a grand jury, and subpoenas – in other words, a real investigation like Mueller's, not like the Comey investigation of Hillary.

The Hillary email matter must be investigated because of the importance of what she did, but more importantly for the reasons why Comey acted as he did.  Simply stated, there was no real investigation of Hillary.  The abuse of the surveillance to unmask the identities of Americans must be investigated.  The reasons for the wiretaps on Manafort that ensnared Trump must be investigated.

But while Mueller is aggressively pursuing whatever it is he is investigating, spending millions, and creating his own justice department, our attorney general is missing in action.   Meanwhile, Hillary is peddling her book, appearing on any TV show that will have her, attacking President Trump at every opportunity, and laughing at us because she escaped prosecution. 

Attorney General Sessions made a yuge mistake in recusing himself from the "Russia" investigation, which led to the appointment of Mueller.  He should have notified Trump that he would recuse himself so Trump could have appointed someone who is not afraid of the Democrats and their cheerleaders in the media.  Sessions had a distinguished career as a senator and federal prosecutor, but his recusal and failure to investigate, especially the sham Hillary investigation, are inexplicable.

If Sessions does not wish to do his sworn duties, he should resign, or appoint a special prosecutor who will follow the law.   Either we have a nation of laws or we do not.

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