Did CBS photoshop Steve Bannon into a bleary-eyed drunk?

Did CBS's 60 Minutes photoshop Steve Bannon into looking like a bleary-eyed drunk in his interview?  That's the verdict of a professional photographer, who suspected something off after having seen Bannon in person.

The short video Peter Duke made, explaining the photoshopper's art, is a must-see.

Duke noted that color correction and grading can be used to make faces look better, but they can also be used to make people look worse.  He pulled up some stills from the 60 Minutes interview.

The first thing I noticed is that there were red circles around his eyes and his lips looked cherry red. And I also noticed that the curtains in the background looked really orange. Now I've met Steve Bannon, and I know what he looks like – he's Irish and uh, he does kind of have paper skin. But he doesn't have pronounced red circles around his eyes, that's not who he is in real life. So I started comparing the two shots of Steve Bannon and Charlie Rose to see what kind of differences I could find, and it was very interesting.

He began with the color and saturation, noting the differences in the drape colors behind Rose and behind Bannon.  The drapes behind Bannon were orangey.  The drapes behind Rose – and these were the same curtains – were more of a golden yellow.

Next, he looked at the blue in Rose's white shirt, which was 13 points behind neutral into blue territory.  He applied the same bluing degrees to Bannon, and "voilà," he said: the bleary-eyed red rims around Bannon's eyes went away.

He applied the same orange effect seen in the Bannon shots to Rose, and suddenly, Rose looked like a circus clown with all his television makeup.

So it was pretty obvious that some photoshopping was going on.

It's a shame, because the great thing about the Charlie Rose interview with Bannon was its no-holds-barred honesty.  It made for great television – Rose was laying it all on the line, and Bannon was volleying back.  Viewers could decide for themselves what they wanted to think.

But someone behind the scenes at 60 Minutes wanted to put a thumb on the scale and cater to the low-information voters who weren't interested in the battle of ideas, just appearances.  Someone made Bannon into a bleary-eyed drunk, reinforcing the prejudices of the left to tilt the scale against Bannon.  What a lowdown, corrupt act.  Any questions as to why the public despises the mainstream media?

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