Communistcare? Bernie Sanders's new health scheme would make Mao blush

When Bernie Sanders introduces his "Medicare for all" plan this month, there will be plenty of talk about how Democrats are increasingly embracing single-payer health care and how it's becoming more popular with the public.

What a fawning press won't say, however, is that what Sanders is proposing is more left-wing than even what socialist states have attempted.  Sanders would have the government pay 100% of all health costs, with no deductibles or co-pays for anything – just pure pork.  Even in Sanders's beloved Denmark, people have to pay a chunk of health costs out of pocket.  In China, 32% of health care is paid by the Chinese out of their own pockets.  And, unlike Sanders's plan, most countries leave some room for private insurance.  Not Sanders.  He takes it to the full Mao in his worker-ant vision.  Like Hugo Chávez, he's promising "heaven."

Sanders is a radical so out of the mainstream that no industrialized nation would touch such a plan as his.  Yet mainstream Democrats are now falling in line behind it, promising miracles.  Which party, again, has become captive to its fringe?

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