Caught giving cops a fake server, Xavier Becerra clams up

California's illegal alien-supporting attorney general, Xavier Becerra, has been curiously silent about that fake server he handed over to cops to obstruct their Imran Awan investigation, according to a new report from the Daily Caller.  The broader scandal was outlined in this piece by Thomas Lifson yesterday.

Becerra's role is worth noting because he is considered top Democratic talent, a Democratic Party star, with many Democratic leadership positions, including a seat on the House Ways and Means committee, chairmanship of the House Democratic Caucus (now at the center of the Imran Awan secret server scandal) and lately a post as the California state attorney general, where he is leading the state's effort to stop President Trump from ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order.

He shows a pattern as one gamy player, not the least because of his fake server role in the House server scandal associated with the Awan Pakistani tech family, and former Democratic National Committee chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

According to the Daily Caller News Foundation:

On Jan. 24, 2017, Becerra vacated his congressional seat to become California's attorney general. "He wanted to wipe his server, and we [a 'senior official'] brought to his attention it was under investigation. The light-off was we asked for an image of the server, and they deliberately turned over a fake server," the senior official said.

A fake server?  Wouldn't that take some serious planning?  How long and how much effort would it take to construct fake server?  What kind of information, then, was on the real server, the one former congressional I.T. aide Imran Awan made off with and maybe handed over to hostile intelligence sources for big money?  Why would Becerra hand over a fake server in this investigation instead of angrily get to the bottom of what could easily be called a betrayal of the House Democratic Caucus, which Becerra led, by bad actors?

And more to the point, why is he clamming up, even as he stays noisily in the public view?

It just goes to show that corrupt and questionable practices are part of Becerra's makeup.  His nominated appointment to the position of President Obama's U.S. Trade Representative was squelched in 2008 after it emerged that Becerra has written a letter urging President Clinton to pardon a cocaine dealer who then shoveled cash into his campaign coffers:

[Becerra] was widely criticized for being among a number of politicians who pressed President Clinton to consider whether to commute the prison term of Carlos Vignali, who was convicted in 1994 for his role in a cocaine drug ring.

Becerra wrote a letter supporting a review of Vignali's case after Vignali's father, Horacio, a Los Angeles businessman, contributed $14,000 to Becerra's campaign committee.

He was also known for his dirty tricks when he challenged Anthony Villaraigosa, according to the same Los Angeles Times report.

He was never punished for any of this.

Now he's caught giving a fake server to lawmen in the hopes that the real server would never see the light of day.  The lawmen, according to the Daily Caller report, describe it as obstruction of justice.  This had better not be another one of these cases where egregious lawbreaking by high public officials gets dismissed as a nothingburger.  Becerra has been getting away with a lot of corruption for a long time.  This time, Becerra needs to be on the grill.