Boston Globe goes all in for Elizabeth Warren

You can almost see the gears turning in the minds of the remaining staff at the downsized Boston Globe, voice of the pious liberals in the former Massachusetts Bay Colony.  They see their party, the Democrats, in need of leadership from another Harvard-brand liberal, full of self-righteous fury at the unfairness of America, but not above doing very well indeed for herself.  Hillary is so over, and the remaining progressives are not up to the standards the Globe imagines itself representing.  So it is time to polish up her image and pave the way for a replacement for the unmentionable Trump.

The first Native American nominee?

This tweet almost triggered a gag reflex:

Elizabeth Warren's Christian faith is deep and authentic, and it informs her work as a senator.

— The Boston Globe (@BostonGlobe) September 3, 2017

The story it links to is even worse.

The upshot is that the Globe expects Warren to pick up significant support from religious voters.  Because Trump is so icky.

Yeah, that'll work.