Awan ring loaded House data onto secret server and then covered it up with phony evidence

Leaked details of the House investigation into the Awan ring I.T. security breach indicate that everything that was supposed to remain within the digital security perimeter was instead secretly shipped to an outside server, from where it could go anywhere.  Mr. and Mrs. Awan are believed to be cooperating with federal authorities in a plea deal, presumably to implicate higher-ups.   Keep in mind that all emails and office computer files of as many as 45 Democrat members of the House were handed over, making them subject to blackmail by parties unknown.  And keep in mind that they won't even admit that a breach has taken place.  Worst of all, the point woman the ring and its leader, Imran Awan, held in their thrall was Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC chair and co-conspirator in the rigging of the nomination for Hillary. Luke Rosiak, investigative reporter of the Daily Caller News Foundation, owns the story.  He has a confidential source that...(Read Full Post)