Australia becomes the poster child for idiotic green energy policies

Global warming hysteria has wrecked the supply of electricity in Australia, causing widespread blackouts.  That is quite an accomplishment, considering the abundant resources available in that nation-continent.  It takes a special brand of idiocy on a national scale to accomplish such a feat.  Andrew Bolt of the Herald-Sun in Melbourne is up to the task of documenting it. It takes world-class idiots to give Australia not just world-record electricity prices, but blackouts, too. Your bills have doubled in a decade and the Australian Energy Market Operator on Wednesday warned of summer shortages. You think "idiot" is too strong? Then how could a country with huge resources of coal, gas and uranium run short of electricity? How could AEMO now warn that "we face an increasing and unacceptable risk that there will be insufficient capability in the system"? "Unacceptable" hardly begins to describe what we've...(Read Full Post)