Antifa professor 'privileged to teach future dead cops' was obsessed with hating cops

Trying to impress with his oh-so-ironic perspective, John Jay College adjunct professor Michael Isaacson declared on Twitter last month that he was privileged to teach "future dead cops." It got him put on leave after multiple police unions complained:


August 23, 2017


But it was far from an over-the-top indiscretion made in the midst of a heated argument, as some tweeters get themselves in trouble for. Teaching at the John Jay College for Criminal Justice, New York's top school for students interested in law enforcement careers, Isaacson made a string of rabid, anti-cop statements over the past years, all of them perfectly in line with that of someone utterly hostile to cops:


August 25, 2017


and, as seen in this collection here:

The solution to American gun violence is more dead cops. 4:47 p.m. 5 Dec 2015

It's only been two of these pig shootings & already I'm bored by dead cops. Maybe this is how Blue Lives Matter feels about Black people 4:02 p.m. 17 July 2016

Dead cops are good, Laci. 8:13 p.m. 13 July 2017

His complete tweets can be viewed here.

in them, he's called President Trump a Nazi and made Marxist statements as well. His resume shows an intense Marxist orientation. And as reported by the New York Daily News, Isaacson is an Antifa leader. Screengrabs seen on Twitter show that he's gone on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show to express his pro-violence views.

Which calls to mind why he's teaching at that school at all. The Daily News reports that Isaacson tries to discourage his students from becoming cops and believes that they only become cops because they are minorities with few other job options.

“Unfortunately, most of my students don’t have the luxury of a wide variety of career options,” he said. “They are from low-income backgrounds and are mainly people of color. Most of them are just looking to get a job with a salary.”

It's the old working class Vietnam War argument the left once made to try to cover for itself for the bad name it got after hippies spit on servicemen at airports returning home from the Vietnam War.

In any case, a person like this is an activist, not a professor. Isaacson is utterly unfit to teach at any school, especially John Jay College. He should have been thrown out yesterday.


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