You know you are an extremist when...

In Overland, Ohio, Columbus Day will now be known as Indigenous Peoples Day so as not to offend the Native Americans.  Anyone who thinks differently must be an extremist.

Maybe some are:

I believe that PETA will be offended because the Indians killed animals for food and clothing.

Environmentalists will be offended because Indians tore down trees.

But most of us are not.  We hold mainstream views our country was founded on.  And to the rulers of Overland, those are just a lot of extremism.

You know you are an extremist if you believe:

That there are two genders instead of more than thirty.

That people should use facilities that match their body parts.

That prayer should be allowed in public places and schools.

That life begins at conception.

That the climate changes naturally.

That people should have freedom of choice on health care.

That if your name is Robert Lee, that is not offensive.

That mayors and governors should enforce the law.

That borders are important.

That the power and purse belong to the people, not the government.

That there is nothing offensive about the American flag or the National Anthem.

That politicians and others are allowed to speak with Russians and not be accused of collusion.

That every adult has the ability to obtain a photo ID, and that capacity oppresses no one. 

That capitalism is the greatest system to reduce poverty and that socialism holds people down.

That freedom for the people is the key to everything.

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