With repeal off the table, media suddenly 'discover' that Obamacare is in deep trouble

Just moments after Sen. John McCain torpedoed Obamacare repeal, the mainstream news media started publishing stories about how Obamacare is in desperate need of repairs.

For example, there is this New York Times piece, cited here:

On Saturday, The New York Times ran a big story that began this way: "Republicans have failed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Now, can it be repaired?"

The timing of these stories is a mystery only to those who don't understand how the press works these days.  Journalists surround and shame any reporter who reports a story that could in any way be seen as helping Republicans.  And stories about massive premium hikes, lack of insurers in dozens of counties, imploding exchanges, larded up unwanted mandates, etc., had they been written while repeal was a live prospect, would have been seen as aiding and abetting the enemy. 

So reporters sat on them, and instead focused on all the supposed benefits of the law.  Now that negative Obamacare stories won't make a difference, the press decides that it's OK to inform the public about how it's all falling apart.

This is media bias at its worst – and why the public despises the mainstream media.

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