When liberals get smacked by reality: Trudeau edition

Borders are an area where liberals stumble into the swamp of hypocrisy.  Walls and fences are fine around their homes, but not around their country.  Armed security can keep troublemakers away from their personal space, but similar measures on the American border are somehow racist, xenophobic, or (the latest insult) white supremacist.

Canada, our neighbor to the north, has a problem with refugees and illegal immigrants just as we do.  The difference is that Canada has Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in charge, a young liberal leader far more intent on virtue-signaling to other like-minded European leaders than on protecting his country.

Last January, in response to President Trump's travel ban, Trudeau tweeted, "To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada."  Hashtag and all.  The only thing missing is a multicolored lapel ribbon proclaiming Canada's diversity.

That's quite the invitation from Trudeau.  It's directed not specifically at doctors or petroleum engineers, whom Canada may need, but instead at the entire Twitter universe.  Three hundred twenty-eight million users.  What a surprise when a few people took up Mr. Trudeau on his kind invitation.

Most of the refugees are coming from Haiti, entering Quebec based on both having a common language, French.  Haiti does Twitter, too, with the Haiti News Network having over a hundred thousand followers.  Haitians saw the prime minister's invitation to move to Canada.  Many accepted.

Canada did not have much of a refugee problem in 2015, when only 2,900 illegal aliens crossed into Quebec.  This number has more than doubled in 2017 to 6,800 by July 1 and is increasing.  Many are fleeing the U.S., after having entered illegally, now afraid of Donald Trump's stricter illegal immigration stance.

Little do they know how tough Canada's immigration policies are compared to those in the U.S.  There is a merit-based point system based on the potential immigrant's skills and economic benefit to Canada.  Interestingly, 63 percent of those granted legal permanent residency in Canada are admitted based on their economic skills, compared to only 13 percent given U.S. residency for economic reasons.  Conversely, only 24 percent gain Canadian residency due to family members already in Canada versus 63 percent receiving a U.S. green card based on family connections.

Chain migration into America.  Economic migration into Canada.  Another reason Trump was elected.

Now, after big talk, Trudeau is facing a crisis of his own making.  Funny that he now sounds more like Trump than the E.U. socialist leaders he emulates.  This past week, Trudeau changed his tone from last January, saying, "Canada is an opening and welcoming society, but let me be clear.  We are also a country of laws."

He went farther, channeling his inner Donald Trump: "entering Canada irregularly is not an advantage.  There are rigorous immigration and customs rules that will be followed.  Make no mistake."  The Trump transformation for Trudeau would have been complete if only he had inserted "believe me" or "big league" into his remarks, but otherwise, his statement would seem perfectly normal coming from President Trump.

Here at last is some commonsense talk from the Canadian prime minister – but only after being smacked with the reality of his foolhardy invitation to refugees everywhere.  #WelcomeToCanada.

To the globalist elites, Trudeau still walks on water.  The Atlantic Council think-tank chose Trudeau as its guest of honor, a sort of "world's best politician" award.  Rolling Stone whines, "Why can't he be our president?"

A liberal conundrum.  This is the cool prime minister from Canada with great hair and a raven tattoo on his shoulder – who, after facing the reality of unsustainable illegal immigration, is now sounding more like the racist, xenophobic, Nazi-loving Donald Trump than his virtue-signaling brethren in the E.U.

What's a progressive to do?  Likely, they will ignore the hypocrisy, just as they do for Al Gore and his carbon footprint.  Or for Hillary Clinton being creeped out by a groping male predator in her midst – not her husband, but instead Donald Trump.  Still, it's fun to watch liberals tap-dance around reality when it inevitably rears its head, intruding into their high-horse fantasies.

Brian C Joondeph, M.D., MPS is a Denver-based physician and writer.  Follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

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