What about monuments that honor Nazi-lovers?

Demanding the removal from the public square of Confederate monuments and those of some other personages of history like Thomas Jefferson and Christopher Columbus is all the rage today.  The pretext for this jihad against our past is that such people in their time were not adequately aligned with the racial sensitivities of today.  Forget the flawed logic of such thinking.  Just realize that for our cultural gatekeepers, multiculturalism and political correctness trump all else.

Caught up in this nihilistic hysteria generated by a small group of left-wing radicals are many college professors; liberal columnists and commentators; and, sad to say, Democrat officeholders like Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York State.  In trying to sound reasonable, they attempt to make the argument that their actions are merely fair and just, and they hurl the charges of "Nazi" and "racist" at any who dares disagree with them. 

Is such an argument valid?  Of course not.  If it were, one of the first personalities to be cleansed from our public squares would be the proud racist, prominent anti-Semite, and unabashed admirer of Adolf Hitler, Malcolm X.  But as it is, there are statues of Malcolm X scattered throughout the country as well as schools, streets, and parks named after this bigot.  Marcus Garvey was another vocal Nazi admirer who has places of honor carved out for himself in the public square. 

Don't hold your breath for these Nazi-loving racists to be addressed as the Confederates are.  Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey were black nationalists.  To criticize them, let alone expose them to the greater public, would be verboten, as that goes against the prevailing liberal narrative.

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