We the security people

We the "security people" fight for free and for freedom, and you think we simply choose "this kind of work."  We run toward the fire you watch on TV, and you wonder how crazy we are and how quickly "someone" will put out the flames.

There are among us these who guard your streets so your house is safe, and these who fight wars on battlefields so your home is still your home – and you call for "open borders," for you never guarded them.  Once you've created danger, you feel entitled to our protection.

You brag about "open-mindedness" while you sacrifice nothing but other people's lives.

We fight and die under our flag; the enemy stomps on it and burns it.  Then you play war games and join the enemy, for you don't know what honor is and expect that "others" will fight real wars for you.

We the security people fight for individual freedom; you fight for serfdom.  Then you pride yourself on protesting…the liberties that past generations of security people won for you.

Some of you are too comfy to care, some are too ignorant to know, some too stupid to understand.  All of you are ungrateful.

 We the security people blow the whistle on traitors, tyrants, and thieves.  You come to their "Riot now!" whistle, and you call it "resistance."

There are among us silent heroes: farmers and factory workers and teachers, parents who teach both love and duty, and grandmothers who bake the best apple pie.  We are the guardians of fry bread and gospel and Southern proverbs, guards of sacred values and land.  And all of us will defend the country, because we know what country is.

You are ready to fight president and Constitution, and you aid and abet oligarchs who jailed us, who blacklisted us, and who keep tormenting us.  You stand against the country, for you don't know what country is.

Some of us lost our limbs, and some lost our loved ones.  Some of us are wounded, some are ruined, and some are still exiled.  All of us give our lives.  And you keep taking and wanting more, yet you don't contribute.

If you understood sacrifice, there would be no homeless veterans, and if you didn't aid the enemy, patriots would not be treated as dissidents.  If you wanted the truth, you would reject the mainstream media's propaganda, and if you wanted respect, you would respect our flag.

Today, your freedom is as homeless as a homeless veteran, as insulted as a policeman, as wounded as a soldier, as persecuted as a "dissident," as disrespected as religion, as forgotten as values.

We the security people mean freedom, and your freedom is born with us and dies with us.

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