Unapologetic Kathy Griffin is back, thanks to the man who took out Eric Bolling

"Vile" (to quote Chelsea Clinton) leftist comedienne Kathy Griffin is back, and she's not sorry for what she did. Three months ago, Griffin posed for a photo holding what appeared to be the bloody severed head of President Donald Trump.  The photo went viral on May 30 via TMZ and caused a sensation.  The repulsive stunt was too much even for a lot of Griffin's left-wing fan base, which had become accustomed to and supportive of her long history of crude antics.  (On New Year's Eve 2012, for example, Griffin simulated performing oral sex on co-host Anderson Cooper during CNN's live Times Square ball-dropping coverage – video here.) In June 2017, as a result of the Trump bloody severed head photo, Griffin was fired from her annual New Year's Eve co-hosting job at CNN, lost bookings for her live comedy act, was investigated by the Secret Service, and went from the belle of the ball to persona non grata...(Read Full Post)