Trump in the eye of the storm for America

America is situated in the Eye of the Storm.  Since last November, Donald Trump and the nation have had to endure unprecedented hatred and obstruction from the left.  Everything Trump has tried to do, all the initiatives that he ran and was elected on, are opposed in knee-jerk fashion.  Not just opposed, but viciously attacked, with lies pouring out like a hurricane-force wind.  No lie is too preposterous for the media to latch onto and amplify, if they think it will help with their goal of overthrowing this Presidency.  The Russian Collusion Delusion was hammered month after month, despite a total lack of factual basis, until it is dropped suddenly when it becomes clear that the real colluders are on the Democratic side. 

For anyone with eyes to see, a coup has been brewing in plain sight.  His enemies, including many in his own party, are plotting to overthrow the man properly elected President according to the method laid out in the Constitution.  The Republican leader of the Senate recently expressed open doubt (open in the sense that he leaked it to the press) that Donald Trump’s presidency could survive.  What loyalty from the man who undoubtedly owes Trump for the fact that he still occupies that position of power!

Recently with the events in Charlottesville, this torrent of hatred has appeared to reach a peak, like an eyewall of a hurricane striking with ferocity.  In a carefully choreographed encounter with two groups of haters, deliberately funneled together and encouraged to clash, the desired result of violence took place.  It is glaringly obvious that the side identified with "the right" was penetrated by agents from the Soros/Obama cabal, and purposely goaded into a situation where Trump would be blamed for any violence that ensued.  It is equally obvious that the other side, Antifa, represents the army of brownshirts that Barack Obama long fantasized about forming.  All eerily familiar, to anyone acquainted with the history of the Bolshevik Revolution. 

Hurricane Harvey has rudely interrupted this campaign to remove a President, rightfully capturing all the headlines, and promising to continue to do so for days.  A good time for the anti-Trump forces to pause and ask themselves, ‘Do we really want to do this?’ 

Clearly the answer will be yes for the new Red Army -- leftist Democrats, the leftist media, and their black-clad shock troops.  But the folks who really need to pause are those on the brink of allying themselves with these extreme leftists, men and women who used to consider themselves Republicans.  Do creatures from the fetid swamp that is Washington DC such as McConnell and Ryan understand what will happen if they succeed in destroying this President?  If that happens their party is finished, and so are they.  Voters will not forget, and they will not forgive.  And they will no longer vote for Republicans.

Ironically, the Republican Party was formed as a third party in just such a moral and existential crisis, as the vehicle for those who were willing to take a stand against slavery.  Abraham Lincoln was the recognized leader of the new third party, and the Whigs, who refused to take a stand on the burning issue of the day, went into the dustbin of history.  The same thing could now happen to the party who once led the fight against slavery.  Ironic, since Donald Trump as President is the leader of the party, and he is falsely smeared as a racist each and every day by the mob that once was known as the ‘news’ media.

If those currently plotting this coup decide to move forward, the shock waves are going to going to make the eyewall of a hurricane pale in comparison.   A new civil war, and a new party to carry the hopes of conservatives, are just two of the predictable outcomes.  Never-Trumpers, geriatric office-clingers, and country-club Republicans better choose well which side they are on.

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