Trash-talking Obama rakes bucks out on the links

When he wasn't fundraising or scheming against Republicans, President Obama spent most of his time playing golf. It's not surprising he's considered good at it, at least from the B-list celebrities he now hangs out with. He didn't do much else during his administration. Talking trash with the celebrities is pretty much part of his scenery. So in an oozily flattering blog item, the Washington Post reports:

"President Obama talked trash all day,” [actor Anthony] Anderson said, “five-and-a-half hours of nothing but trash talk … and he took all of our money.”

Anderson told [T.V. host Jimmy] Fallon the ex-president walked away with nearly $2,000 from the game, collecting $700 from [swim champ Michael] Phelps, $600 from [NBA star Chris] Paul and $300 from the actor.

“I was like, man, is this even right?” Anderson continued. “I was like, you’re the president, here. Can you take money from civilians?”

Obama apparently answered affirmatively, telling Anderson, “I’m a civilian now. So yes, I can take it.”

What's striking here is how voracious Obama is for money, even from his second-tier celebrity pals. Whether it's $2,000 he's pocketing from a golf match, a vacay stay at some billionaire's island haunt or six figures a few times over from Goldman Sachs, he's always got his hand out. Apparently, it's how he rolls. Which is funny: Isn't he the president who lectured the American people that 'at some point, you've made enough'?

Apparently, the irony escapes him.

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