Time to unite against North Korea? Not McCain, Schumer, Feinstein

North Korea has threatened to attack Guam, which is an attack on the United States.  Most agree that North Korea has the nuclear capability to carry out the attack and that its leader is unpredictable and crazy. After years of doing nothing to stop North Korea, it appears we are headed for a showdown.  Bill Clinton gave North Korea four billion dollars in "energy aid" in 1994, hoping North Korea would stop its nuclear program.  Clinton said it was a great deal for the USA. Obama followed Clinton's deal and upped the money to $150 billion to Iran for the same promise – that Iran would "delay" its nuclear program.  We will face the same problem with Iran that we now have with North Korea, thanks to Clinton and Obama. Given the policies of Clinton and Obama, it is understandable that neither North Korea nor Iran takes us seriously when we tell them to stop their nuclear programs.  Maybe Kim Jong-un is not crazy.  He is...(Read Full Post)