The media attack Trump no matter what he says or does

President Trump came out last Saturday and decried racism, violence, and bigotry on all sides in the wake of the violence of Charlottesville.  Somehow, that was bad.  Reporters, including those at my hometown paper, the Springfield, Ill. State Journal-Register, act as though believe that the violent, extreme far-left group "Antifa" must never be mentioned at all.  That's because they wouldn't want the public to learn who they are. Then, on Monday, President Trump specifically said the KKK and neo-Nazis were terrible, and that still wasn't good enough for a lot of the reporters, because he was still getting trashed continuously. On Tuesday, he again repeated that racists, bigots, and violent protesters caused the problems in Charlottesville, and from the response I saw, it would be impossible not to think this was a false statement, and that Trump was the devil. Problem is, they're going to go after him no matter...(Read Full Post)