Special deals under the table for Congress and staff on Obamacare subsidies

In Washington, Phil Kerpen, the president of the think-tank American Commitment, which promotes free enterprise, in an interview with CBN News on 02 Aug 2017, said congressional leaders approached Obama in 2013, asking him for an executive order to subsidize congressional health insurance by 72%, including the staff.  How?  Obama placed the House and Senate within the District of Columbia and called them a "small business," so Congress could enter the small business exchange. The key paragraph reads in the short post:

At the demand of the American people, Obamacare included a provision dropping the previous coverage members of Congress enjoyed, requiring them to go into the Obamacare exchange, and providing no employer contribution. Barack Obama gutted that provision and allowed Congress to go on the small business exchange and force taxpayers to pay their premiums – shielding them from the pain felt by Americans who lack employer coverage that they should be personally feeling. We cannot tolerate this illegal two-tier system.  Congress should live under the law they wrote until they repeal it for everyone.

Of course, a D.C. federal judge said in 2015 that these subsidies are okay, even though the D.C. exchange knowingly accepted the premise that Congress, employing thousands, is a small business.

Is it any wonder that the Senate failed and the House struggled to get repeal and replace passed?  Seventy-two-percent motive. 

It's time for a reckoning.

Though I opposed Trump at first, I'm now in his corner legislatively, hoping he can get some more victories.  Congress needs to pass a bill (even in an imperfect form) to repeal and replace disastrous Obamacare.  Twenty-eighteen and 2020 may depend on it.

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