Sheriff Joe was up against the lawlessness of the Obama years

President Obama gave city and state politicians, sheriffs, and police a complete pass as long as they chose not to enforce immigration laws.  They had to agree with his agenda. While sanctuary cities and states were allowed to exert their sovereignty to ignore immigration laws, Obama and the Justice Department sued Arizona for daring to enforce immigration law, saying it is a federal function, and they clearly targeted Sheriff Joe for forcefully enforcing the law against people who willingly and illegally crossed our borders.  How is it a sovereign issue if they didn't enforce the law and not a sovereign issue if they chose to enforce the law? That action against Sheriff Arpaio came from a Justice Department where President Obama kept an attorney general who committed perjury to Congress in testimony on the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal.  He was never tried for a felony. Obama illegally spied on individuals for years. Obama knowingly allowed...(Read Full Post)