Out of ideas, the left makes hay on fake outrage

Somehow, we have been able to survive for over 150 years after the Civil War without massive protests relating to statues.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Clintons, Sen. Dick Durbin, and others have been able to walk the halls in the Capitol for decades, and not once do I recall them saying the Civil War statues must come down.

We were able to make it through eight years of President Obama, and not once do I remember him saying Robert E. Lee and other statues must come down or else the racial divisions would not end.  Far-left violent extremist groups did not travel the country having protests demanding that the statues come down and committing crimes by damaging public property.

But now, around seven months after Trump takes office, we have these demands and escalating violence, and any Republican who doesn't agree with the far-left violent extremists is labeled a racist.

I now believe that every statue in the U.S. should come down, because each is probably offensive to someone, and as dainty little flowers, I have learned that we have a right never to be offended.

We should also stop teaching history in schools because some of history is very offensive.

Children can learn history from the Associated Press, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.  They can selectively report and slant the history they put out based on the Democratic Party's agenda of the day.  Their reporting of history will be done in exactly the same way they report the news today.

Since these far-left violent extremist groups did not protest Obama or the Democrats when they were in charge for not taking down the statues, it is not a big jump to assume that people associated with Obama, Obama himself, and Organizing for Action could be involved in ginning up this sudden outrage at the statues and destruction of them as a means to destroy Trump.  Spying on Trump didn't work, the fake Russia collusion story didn't work, selective unmasking of conversations relating to Trump didn't work, so now it is time to ramp up racial division.  Most of the media will go along with each strategy.  Their goal is also to get rid of Trump and his agenda because their chosen one didn't win.

Fake outrage is not outrage at all.  It is meant to divide and remake our great country.  Why weren't reporters demanding the removal of the statues while Obama was president if they have been offended for a long time?

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