Newsflash: Trump is not to blame for Charlottesville

Charlottesville provided a "dog whistle" for the left to lurch into anti-Trump mode and blame him for the violence that occurred there on Saturday.  The hysteria served up by the leftist media over the weekend was calculated and contemptible.  What is wrong with this picture?  So much.  

The event had been in the works for months, a product of the leftists who are intent upon the destruction of every statue of former Confederate icons (Democrats all).  The rally protesting the planned destruction of a Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville had been issued a permit that was defended by the ACLU when the city tried to revoke it.

The locals -- Governor McAuliffe, Mayor Michael Signer, and the police -- had ample warning that a conflict was likely.  The ragtag smaller group of protestors with a permit saw neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups run to the front of the parade to claim leadership (with the full cooperation of the media), while the Antifa and Black Lives Matter counter protesters who did not seek a permit for their counter-demonstrations, have a recent history of violence.  Antifa, first and foremost, is known for particularly lethal violence, much more than the silly white supremacist groups that regularly show their ugly faces.  

Pending the Department of Justice investigation, we do not know who initiated the violence in Charlottesville, but there is, as usual, a media backout on close examination of the violence clearly intended by the counter-protestors without a permit for their activity.  The unspoken law of the press is that every word reported must conform to their agenda; that would be the Democrat/leftist/media agenda that is of course anti-Trump.  The man could part the Red Sea and the left would attack him for interfering with the oceans.  That is how it is.  And it is not likely to change any time soon.

President Trump had nothing whatsoever to do with what happened in Charlottesville but the venal media and their cohorts in Congress on both sides of the aisle could not wait five minutes before blaming him for the violence.  Does that not feel like a set-up?   Just as in Berkeley, Ferguson and Baltimore, the police stood by as violent, masked, armed thugs attacked.   For one reason or another, riots and chaos were permitted furthering the cause of racial division.  This is the legacy of the Obama administration.  For eight years, Obama promoted racial conflict; he reveled in it.  He was proud of it.  

The worker bees of the Democratic Party, leftist media CNN, NBC CBS, ABC, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, LA Times, aided and abetted the skullduggery of the leftists, who want nothing more than to bring Trump down, to see him impeached.  They are shameless and completely immoral in this quest.  The violence in Charlottesville is a perfect example.  A hoard of mentally ill people, small in number but ripe for media exploitation, act up like the morons they are.  The local police stand down and let them do their thing. It will be good for Gov. McAulliffe's presidential ambitions.  These thugs will behave badly and the left can use it.  A woman died and others were injured.  It will work to the benefit of the left.

It should be unimaginable, how vile and amoral the leftists are today.   They are ready, willing and able to mount any smear campaign, indict any innocent conservative, slime any person wrongly if it furthers their agenda, to bring down Trump.   The Saul Alinsky left has taken over the Democrats and it is a tragedy.   This lot is prepared to torch the country to take him down because he won an election.  Sadly, they have many collaborators in the Republican Party.  These anti-Trumpers misjudge Trump's base so grievously.  That base really is made up of Americans who just want to make America great again.  They will not be fooled by the absolute nonsense that is "Trump is to blame for Charlottesville."  He is not.  They are.