New effort to destroy Hannity with O’Reilly-type advertiser boycott

Sean Hannity, who has the #1 MSM radio and TV programs opposing the Deep State fake news juggernaut that seeks to destroy the presidency of Donald J. Trump, is the target of a new attack that aims to deliver the "kill shot" to his successful 21-year reign on the Fox News channel – and, in so doing, further weaken the Trump administration's attempts to get its story out on the last surviving fair and balanced American mainstream media outlet. It was largely a successful advertiser boycott of Fox News's longtime #1 host, Bill O'Reilly, last spring that resulted in O'Reilly's leaving the channel in late April.  The enemies of Fox News, and of Hannity in particular, are gearing up for another round. In recent weeks and months, Hannity's daily programs – three hours on nationally syndicated radio and an hour in prime time on the Fox News Channel – have established the affable 55-year-old host...(Read Full Post)