Michelle Obama's 'nasty, rotty' school lunch guru busted for corruption

The man who brought us the phrase "nasty, rotty" food has unsurprisingly been busted for corruption.

That's one David Binkle, a former chef who bit and clawed his way to the top of the Los Angeles Unified School District's $354-million food operation, running the Michelle Obama-ordained school lunch reform that was so bad in Los Angeles that the students set up a black market in Flamin' Hot Cheetos as a substitute.  His horrible operation gave us that evocative descriptor, "nasty rotty stuff," which got around.

Turns out he was overpaying contractors, taking kickbacks, and billing it all to the taxpayer.  One of those contractors, by the way, was Tysons Food, a Fortune 100 company that just incidentally was involved in the teaching of Hillary Clinton, back in her Arkansas days, to become an ace commodity cattle futures trader.  Those guys.

It probably should have been a red flag that kids, who cannot be fooled, sounded the first alarm about how bad the food was, compared to the copious praise that came down from the White House on that same plan.  Michelle Obama praised Binkle for his newly reformed school lunch program, which nominally imposed his rarefied chef tastes of quinoa, pad thai, black bean burgers, and other chi-chi nouvelle cuisine as a substitute for tacos, burgers, and corn dogs favored by children across the vast multi-ethnic school district.  In reality, they were overcharging, overbilling, and under-delivering, with the food turning out to be basically slop.  It probably didn't help that it was public employee unions executing the mess.  Of course the food turned out to be inedible and detested.

Little kids just don't lie about these things.

It goes to show that the Obama food reform micromanagement plan was nothing but a Democrat enrichment scheme to jack up prices through fat-shaming and to wrest control of how children eat from their parents.  Is it disgusting?  Across the board.  And does Michelle Obama own this Chicago-style politics scheme?  She sure does.  Look for more of this to shake out as corruption scandals come rolling out about the true nature of that scheme.

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