Melania Trump's footwear 'triggers' Trump-haters

Why are alt-liberals so mean to immigrants?  Melania Trump, a native of Slovenia (formerly a part of Yugoslavia), arrived in the USA, legally, at the age of 26, already knowing how to speak English, among other languages.  Her command of the language has improved over the past two decades she has lived in this country.  She worked steadily as a model, became a citizen, and paid more in taxes than she ever took from the government.  It's a classic heartwarming tale of immigrant made good.  And yet the left mocks her, dislikes her.

The latest anti-immigrant tirade against Melania Trump occurred when she joined her husband, the current president of the United States, to visit hurricane-devastated Texas.  Trump detractors could only focus on Mrs. Trump's shoes.  USA Today:

The first lady, 47, left the White House earlier Tuesday wearing her usual shoe choice – pumps with sky-high heels – plus black cropped pants and a military-style green bomber jacket, with her hair loose and aviator sunglasses on her nose.

Oh, those "pumps with sky-high heels."  And the rest of the outfit.  Lefty tweeters, taking a break from cheering on the fascist "Antifa" viciously assaulting Americans who thought they had the right to express an opinion, disagreed with what Melania Trump felt was an immigrant's right to wear what she chooses.  Nasty comments against Trump followed.  And no, I won't repeat them.

Interestingly, many of the snide remarks came from the type of women who call themselves feminists, believing that women have the right to choose. 

Busy with their resentment (and yes, these tweeter losers are resentful at Trump's immigrant success while all they can do is violence and hate), they failed to notice her outfit upon arrival in Texas.

By the time Trump arrived in Texas she had changed into white tennis shoes, a white shirt and a black cap with FLOTUS emblazoned on it, and her hair pulled up and off her face.

An appropriate, comfortable outfit – and she still looked terrific.

So, naturally, her critics ignored her.  And they ignored the purpose of her trip.  And her message of concern.  And that is why they are losers, as her husband so aptly described them.