Media contortions protect their established narrative in Boston

Something dramatic and important happened yesterday in Boston, but the mainstream provided a counternarrative to mask the shame of it all.  The media violated the normal rules of the TV news game – if it bleeds it leads and find a victim -- in order to protect the sacred resistance narrative’s presumptive good guys.

The real story of yesterday is that the Boston Police there advised a small crowd of free speech advocates – nary a white supremacist among the speakers – to stop the program early and [I paraphrase] “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!”  I am sure they said it a bit more diplomatically, that the group’s safety could not be guaranteed as a mob of 20,000 approached.  The crowd had warmed up and psyched up by marching and chanting their way 2.4 miles from Roxbury Crossing.  Antifa, with a record of violence was on hand. The police advised evacuation. To protect them from the throngs already assembled, they put them into police wagons and ferried them to safety.

The only violence and arrests (“dozens” according to ABC News) were on the left, including a disgusting attack on an elderly woman that pushed her and Old Glory to the ground.

Boston police were even attacked with bottles of urine and tweeted out a plea for “individuals” to stop it.

Absolutely no groups are ever to be associated with this vicious act, and none were in the major media that did manage to cover the attack, so far as I saw. But I am reasonably sure that none of the free speech crowd threw urine at the police as they were being sheltered from a hostile throng and given safe haven.  But that sort of thing is best left to inference in the media's view. You can find many of the bare facts in the narrative mentioned above and none of the finger pointing in the statement and answers to reporters made by Boston Police Commissioner William Evans. It is well worth the minute and half it takes. Hat tip: Jim Hoft.


Oddly enough, some of the most illuminating commentary on the day came from antifa itself, which was far more honest than the media. Joshua Caplan collected some choice tweets in which @AntifaBoston chortled over getting the “idiot Democrats” to side with them and bragging about media support.

(If you have the time, check out the @BostonAntifa Twitter feed. It leaves no doubt about how far left this violent mob is.

The establishment has got its narrative and it's sticking to it.

I guess it is hate speech to frame the story with the drama and victims prominent in the story when the wrong people are being persecuted.