Low on funds again but knee-deep in KKK history

Reality hit the Democrats once again.  In fact, it was like back-to-back home runs. First, the Democrats continue to have the money blues, as we see in this report:  The Republican National Committee continued a massive fundraising lead in July as its Democratic counterparts hit another low point. The RNC raised $10.6 million in July, while the Democratic National Committee raised a mere $3.8 million, its lowest July total since 2007, according to the groups' FEC filings.  The DNC also added to its debt, which now totals $3.4 million. The RNC carries no debt. Well, how did that happen?  I thought the enthusiasm was on the Democrats' side and they just couldn't wait for 2018 to roll around.  To be fair, President Trump's self-inflicted wounds are a problem, but so far, it has not translated into Republicans holding on to their cash. The second reality check is this campaign to bring down monuments. Simply put, what...(Read Full Post)