Lone wolf attackers? No such thing.

The press often refers to Palestinian terrorists (or the more sanitized version, Palestinian "attackers") as "lone wolves" (e.g., "Israel sues the heirs of Palestinian attackers," 7/7/17).  But if a "lone wolf" is someone inculcated with hatred since day one by state-run schools and state-run television, then is he really a "lone wolf"?  No – he is a terrorist doing what he was brainwashed to do: kill Jews.  He is participating in a calculated effort organized by the Palestinian leadership to defeat the nation of Israel by any means possible.  Even the naming of schools and parks after terrorists, portraying them as heroes, cancels the Palestinian narrative adopted by the media that makes them appear to be acting up on their own.

"Lone wolves" don't appear in a vacuum.  There are many people in the world who feel aggrieved (rightly or wrongly) who don't behave this way.  The Palestinian leadership has made "popular" the barbarism of suicide bombings of women and children in pizza shops and discos, knifing of old men, and ramming cars into people waiting for a bus.

Nowhere have the news media held accountable the Palestinian leadership for this!  The media, instead, give them a free pass, adopting the "what else can they do" narrative.

Well, there is plenty they can do other than driving trucks into Israelis.  For one, how about vocational training instead of hate-training?  Or another, how about spending the hundreds of millions of dollars that are used for building attack tunnels on civilian infrastructure instead?

No cause justifies this kind of behavior, and no cause should be rewarded for it.  The only reason why it continues is because it is rewarded.  If "aggrieved" groups know that these actions will decrease their chances of getting what they want, they will eventually stop.

The Palestinians should be shamed for these heinous actions, not helped.  One idea is to remove square footage of land from any potential future Palestinian state each time they commit a terrorist act.  However, this would require major world leaders and the U.N. to be behind it.  That is a tall order for sure.  But it is an answer.

For the press, the answer is to show the genesis of Palestinian terrorism.  Start by showing culpability of the Palestinian leadership.  Show the world their school curriculum.  Show how Palestinian classrooms refer to Israel as "Occupied Palestine" on their maps.  Show the cartoons Palestinian children grow up with that teach hatred of Jews.  Show how parks and schools are named after those who murdered Jewish schoolchildren.  Show that these murderers are portrayed as heroes by the Palestinian leadership.  

It is said that journalism is the first rough draft of history.  Many in the media say they go into journalism to make the world a better place.  If that be the case, they could start by telling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in its true light – a light that could play a positive role and allow for a better future for both sides.

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