Let General Kelly be the chief of staff

President Trump was tweeting yesterday morning about the good economic news and a few other things.  He has every right to take credit for them.

However, his problems are at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, not the U.S.-Mexico border or the stock market.

This is why I'm hoping Mr. Kelly's appointment is the beginning of a new day in the Trump presidency. 

I agree with Newt Gingrich that Trump-Kelly could be a game-changer: 

President Trump has made a big decision in bringing Kelly to the White House to be chief of staff.

It will be fascinating to watch these two powerful, experienced leaders forge a unique working relationship.

I predict the White House will become more orderly and disciplined – with clear lines of authority, serious planning and strong teamwork.

The person who may benefit most from this change is President Trump. He has worked with many smart, successful people in his remarkable career, but he has never worked this closely with someone as used to command, organization and dignified insistence on teamwork as Secretary Kelly.

If these two powerful leaders truly become a team, the Trump presidency will become one of the most effective in our history. 

Let's hope Mr. Gingrich is right and that President Trump is listening.  I hope it does prove to be a successful relationship that cleans up the chaos we've seen recently.

Mr. Trump's appeal to many of us was that he is a strong manager and a deal-maker.  In other words, he could pick good people and bring both sides to the table. 

So far, he gets very high marks for Justice Gorsuch, a stronger sense of U.S. leadership around the world, and an excellent Cabinet.  On the other hand, he shoots too much from the hip, such as his recent tweet on transgenders in the military.  I agree with the president on transgenders, but someone forgot to send the new order to the military.

We want President Trump to succeed.  Let's hope President Trump can now focus on the big picture, such as North Korea and a tax reform package, and then let Mr. Kelly be the gatekeeper. 

It could be a super outcome, and we certainly hope it is!

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