Leftists rejoicing in Hurricane Harvey parallel psychotic fanaticism of witch-burning

Before being downgraded to a tropical storm, Hurricane Harvey claimed at least 38 lives and unleashed record rainfall, which drove an estimated 32,000 people into shelters.  Tragedies occurred across the path of the storm.  Six members of the Saldivar family, aged 6 to 84, drowned together when they could not escape their van.  A three-year-old girl was rescued while clinging to her dead mother's body.  The mother had turned herself into a life raft, sacrificing her own life to save her daughter.  A police officer drowned in the line of duty, trying to help others.

Across the psycho-fanatical left wing, people are rejoicing that death and destruction occurred in Texas.

University of Tampa professor Ken Storey likened Hurricane Harvey to karmic retribution against people who support the GOP.  Cartoonist Matt Wuerker of Politico didn't wait for all the corpses to float to the surface before he grabbed the chance to mock Christianity and depict flood victims as racist ingrates.  The infamous Charlie Hebdo drew Texans giving the Nazi salute as they drowned.  There have been many sick statements celebrating the fact that the disaster struck Texas.  Nor will Twitter or Fakebook censor this depraved death lust, because it comes from the left.

Psychosis is a mental state in which the individual cannot recognize reality and clings to false, irrational beliefs regardless of strong contradictory evidence.  Among the kinds of psychosis, there is fanaticism, which generates a delusional system wherein certain people are viewed as having become possessed by evil spirits.  This psychosis is different from a genocidal viewpoint.  It is a delusional system that the minds of certain people are demon-possessed, and therefore it is best that they die.

Much of the left wing is insane to the degree that its members react to anyone supporting the president, being conservative, or even voting Republican not as valid, respectable political opinions, but akin to demon possession.  Notwithstanding that Houston is a predominantly Democratic city with a Democrat mayor, the psychotic fanaticism that celebrates the hurricane irrationally associates all of Texas as possessed by the spirit of Nazis, racists, the KKK, etc.  This is so far removed from objective reality that it must be viewed not merely as a bias or prejudice, but as psychosis paralleling the forces behind atrocities of fanatic superstition such as witch-burning.

The development of this mental imbalance was inevitable.  It is commonplace to hear prominent political and media voices make nonsensical and ludicrous statements about people with conservative viewpoints.  The current administration is branded white supremacist, the president is called a bitter racist who supports the KKK, and conservatives are sympathetic to Nazism.  Recently, Apple, JP Morgan Chase Bank, and George Clooney directed millions of dollars to the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose stock in trade, and primary cash cow, is to call Christianity "hate."

When the most powerful voices tell these lies over and over, the falsehoods congeal into unthinking fanaticism in the weak-minded.  That fanaticism looks for supposed carriers of evil spirits – in this case, Texans – and rejoices when death and destruction come to them.

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