Leftist media, thy name is distortion

Chuck Todd probably can't help himself when it comes to reporting on members of the Trump administration.  But the contrast to what he ignores from the left is...well, breathtaking.

On Meet the Press, July 30, Todd referred to "a public display of infighting by the new communications director Anthony Scaramucci so vulgar we can't even hint here at some of the things that were said."  Todd soon after called those unmentionable comments "a profane rant to The New Yorker."  Does a comment given to the reporter for a magazine constitute "a public display" even if the remarks qualify as a "profane rant"?

Was it Scaramucci or the reporter for the magazine who made "a public display of the remarks"?

Now compare to the speech that Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand gave this past June to the Personal Democracy Forum at New York University.  As you will see indicated in this CNN account, the junior senator laced her remarks with a word "so vulgar" that I will not repeat it.    

The left's First Rule of Hypocrisy requires that the very public display of very coarse language by a leftist generally gets ignored. 

It should be noted that Bret Stephens, now a columnist with the New York Times, quoted in full Mr. Scaramucci's remarks to the reporter from The New Yorker.  Mr. Stephens did acknowledge that the remarks were phoned in to the New Yorker's writer, which is further evidence they were not initiated as "public display" – as contrasted with the vulgar comments from Sen. Gillibrand.  (By the way, New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin pointed out, in his July 30 column, that the Times never calls a Democrat – not even Mayor Bill de Blasio – "a liar." But then, Pravda probably never called a communist leader "liar," either – unless he was on the way to the purge.)

Mr. Stephens formerly was a columnist at the Wall Street Journal.  Isn't it interesting that he was hired at the New York Times during a period of staff reductions at the paper?  Just what the Times needed now – another Trump-loathing columnist.

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