Leftist media in hysterics as Melania Trump helps in Houston

Southeast Texas is suffering under the worst hurricane and its aftermath in recorded history.  Meteorological science was able to predict the likely severity of the storm, so thousands of people were able to be prepared, to evacuate where predictably necessary.  This is a catastrophic natural disaster of unimaginable proportions, a once-in-500-year storm.  So what is the left fretting about?  Melania's shoes!  So out of touch with real-world events, so morally compromised by their own hatred of Trump, they reveal their own callow, shallow selves.  All morning, they were mocking Melania for wearing high heels as she boarded Air Force One for the flight to Corpus Christi – not all of them, of course, but enough to make a stink. Robin Givhan at the WaPo has embarrassed herself by dedicating an entire column to Melania's shoes.  Did her shoes matter to a single person in Texas whose home was flooded, who was trapped on a...(Read Full Post)