Just one more threat, and North Korea is history

Kim Jong-un had better think more than twice about making another threat about incinerating the United States.  As things now stand, one more threat will be fatal for him and for North Korea. This message, loud and clear, has been sent by the president. I believe that the president has the support of the American people.  That is all he needs. It is really foolish of North Korea and her myopic leaders and sycophantic generals to threaten the U.S., the world's only true superpower.  They cannot defeat the United States, and they cannot survive an air attack from the United States. Probably we will launch B-1 and B-2 bombers, followed by B-52s to carpet-bomb some of the missile factories and nuclear installations.  The United States does not need to use nuclear weapons to do the job; the bunker-busters and the biggest conventional bomb of them all, the GBU 43/B, sometimes called the Mother of All Bombs, will do the job.  The MOAB was tried out...(Read Full Post)