Jobs Americans won't do

Senator Dick Durbin and others, when deriding immigration proposals, say essentially that there are just some jobs Americans won't do.

While I was growing up as an American, I did several jobs Americans supposedly won't do.  I was a paper boy, I detassled corn, I was a busboy, I made salads, I did dishes, I cleaned up cow barns, and I worked on a milk crew in the cow barns, among many other jobs, where the maximum I earned was $2 per hour.  My parents taught my brother and me that we needed to work to earn money.

It is self-serving for politicians and others to continually say it is beneath people to work certain jobs.  That implies that if they do those jobs, they aren't worth much, so people won't do them.  It seems a large number of politicians would rather have people end up dependent on government than have able-bodied people do jobs that are available.

I live in Springfield, Illinois and see many lawn maintenance people and landscapers who are out there making a living.  I also know people who clean houses and do other jobs that Americans supposedly won't do, but there they are, making a living.  Not once have I thought we need immigrants to fill those jobs, and not once have I thought those people are beneath any of us.

Politicians in D.C. live in a bubble.  They probably believe that any job that doesn't get more than 200 days of breaks a year is beneath them.  Their pay and benefits are so excessive compared to the results they get that they just don't understand how most people make a living.  

Immigration has helped to make our country great, but we absolutely should stick to the law and not reward people who came here illegally.  It is just common sense to enforce current laws or change them where necessary.