Islamophiles in Australia block construction of a synagogue, conceding the danger of Islam

It was only a local decision in a nice suburb of Sydney, Australia, but it has global significance. Joe Hildebrand of explains:

A LOCAL council has banned the construction of a synagogue in Bondi because it could be a terrorist target, in a shock move that religious leaders say has caved in to Islamic extremism and created a dangerous precedent.

The decision, which has rocked the longstanding Jewish community in the iconic suburb, was upheld in court this week as the nation reeled from the alleged airline terror threat and debate raged over increased security measures at airports and other public places.

The Land and Environment Court backed the decision by Waverley Council to prohibit the construction of the synagogue in Wellington St, Bondi — just a few hundred metres from Australia’s most famous beach — because it was too much of a security risk for users and local residents.

A Western democracy, Australia, a nation with a brilliant tradition of commitment to the values of a free society, has surrendered to jihad. Even worse, to the imagined threat of jihad. Australian Jews are on notice that their activities are subject to prohibition on the grounds that they might offend Muslims. There is a word for this in Arabic: dhimmis. Shaira law is being applied, plain and simple.

The great Bill Muhlenberg, whose coverage of Australian politics is always worth reading, gets it. The Islamophiles have twisted themselves into such a pretzel that they concede the game to those of us who see the doctrines of Islam as a threat to the rest of us infidels.  At his Culture Watch website, he nails the point:

The West is filled with clueless wonders who tell us repeatedly and adamantly that Islam is not a threat, it is a religion of peace, and the only real problem we face is “Islamophobia”. How many times have we heard Western leaders, politicians and “experts” rehash this mantra?

It is the only accepted public line one is allowed to take on this issue. One dare not say that Islam IS in fact a problem, that it is a direct threat to Western values and principles, and unless we wake up to this reality we may well lose it all. But those who dare to state the obvious are treated as the enemy.

Some of us will keep proclaiming the truth on this matter regardless of those who want to live in la la land. Things are far too important to allow those living in delusion to control the narrative here. And the funny thing is, reality has a way of breaking through, shattering the deception and forcing us to face the facts even if we do not want to.

An obvious case in point of all this has made the news headlines for the past few days. A proposal to build a synagogue in Sydney has been rejected. Why? Because of fears it would become a target of the Islamists! Wait, run that by me again!

Those who have shouted the loudest that Islam is no threat to our way of life are now actually telling us we cannot build a synagogue because it might result in Islam, er, becoming a threat! The mind reels. But let me first offer a few more details of this shocker of a story. One report states:

Case closed. The only question is when the rest of the infidels get it.

Hat tip; John McMahon