In the Obama years, a president who truly lacked empathy

As much as liberals advertise that they are full of compassion, they often show the cold, hard "compassion" of Bolshevik commissars.

I remember Obama not going to Hawaii as his mother died of cancer in 1995.  Nor even calling her as she lay dying.

I also remember that during a campaign town hall, he told a woman in the audience who asked if her mom could get a pacemaker at age 100 under his health plan that sometimes just a painkiller is best when people get old.

I also remember that as a state senator, he was one of the very few who opposed a bill that would end the killing of a full-term baby born under "partial-birth" abortion conditions, known as the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

He also gladly destroyed coal companies based on the global warming scam and made fun of people who clung to their religion and guns.

He compared Tea Party members to terrorists.

He did like terrorist Bill Ayers.

He sued the Little Sisters of the Poor.

He gladly made people more dependent on government instead of supporting policies to allow people to move up the economic ladder.

Instead of helping undeveloped and poor countries to develop and improve their quality and length of life with natural resources, he had policies that stifled development.

He stopped accepting Cuban refugees at the behest of the Cuban dictators.

That is truly a president with a lack of empathy.

The media show every day that they could not care less what Trump does.  They seek to destroy him and his agenda.  Trump said he wanted everyone in the Houston area in this time of flooding to recover quickly and is doing everything he can to help.  That is actual empathy instead of pretend empathy.

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