If anti-free speech demonstrators are going to chant 'never again!'...

Americans are pouring into the streets to demand we put an end to free speech.  And the usual suspects in the media, academia, political class, and entertainment industry are cheering them on and painting them as heroes.

Much has been written about this in recent days.  I'd like to focus on one thing in particular, which is that many "counter-protesters" chant and carry signs that read: "Never again!"


Do these fools have any idea what that refers to beyond using it as a slogan to frame themselves as 21st-century heroes rushing in to save the day?

I'm guessing they don't.

But if the anti-free speech hysterics are genuine in their newfound passion for "Never again!" (and of course, they're not, so indulge me my sarcasm), they've got their work cut out for them.

They could start with a laser focus on the Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS) movement.  If they go here, they can check out BDS's latest plans and make sure they show up at events to shut them down.

If that doesn't keep them busy, they could also make their voices heard (isn't free speech great?!), demanding that mosques be monitored and urging prudence with respect to Muslim immigration, given that Islam preaches intolerance for non-Muslims, reserving a special hatred for Jews.

"Never again!"

They could focus on college campuses where anti-Semitism is raging (hereherehereherehereherehere, and here), zeroing in on groups like the Muslim Students Association (MSA) and Hamas (yes, Hamas is on our campuses, here and here).  Given the number of universities in the United States, if the recently anointed heroes who are against free speech don't know where to start, they can begin with the ten most dangerous campuses for Jews and expand, as time and energy allow.

And if they have any spare time in what could be a very busy schedule, they could admonish the likes of Linda Sarsour by doing what they do best: show up, shout down, and run the speaker off the stage.  They can follow Linda and see where she might be speaking next.  (She tends to opportunistically glom onto lots of gigs in order to advance her taqiyya.)

Those who prefer to work behind the scenes could collaborate with educators to make sure our history books reflect the truth, including information on the link between Nazism and Islam (herehereherehere, and here) or do things like write op-ed pieces and organize campaigns to advocate for tearing up the Iran deal.

The possibilities for "Never again!" activism are endless.  They do not, however, include a "mass hysteria" reaction to a handful of despicable white supremacists who crawled out from under their rocks for a few hours.

"Never again!" is now one of the ignorant and hysterical battle cries of anti-free speech lemmings gathering en masse in cities and towns across America, ignoring genuine threats and real enemies in our midst.