I haven't read James Damore's manifesto...

I haven't read James Damore's manifesto.  I don't have to.  Because I don't have to be convinced that liberals are certified schizophrenics.

On the one hand, they insist that whatever a man can do, a woman can as well.  Suggesting otherwise is the crime of "gender stereotyping."  Justice demands that women be paid identically and represented in a workforce at every level in equal numbers.

But then, in the next lobe of their brain over, liberals believe that having equal numbers of men and women at every level of an organization makes that organization more "diverse."  Of course, the idea of why diversity is automatically a good thing is rooted in the liberal's fear of Americanism (a psychosis for another time), but that what's they believe.  That society should strive for diversity with a capital "D."

But when they take up that banner of diversity, they are conceding that men and women are in fact different – because that's what diversity means: different.

And so they're crazy because absent 500 mg of Thorazine administered intravenously with their latte and gluten-free croissant each morning, they're forever condemned to struggle with separating two major beliefs in their minds, lest they meet and destroy one another.  That is forever acting out the Seinfeld skit where inside the apartment George cannot meet outside the apartment George; otherwise, both will be explode in the same fashion that matter meeting anti-matter destroys the universe in the Superman comic book series. 

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