How the left is multiplying its definitions of racism

In light of the attacks on monuments and statues by communists liberal activists that they consider racist, egged on and justified by communist liberal mayors and the mainstream media, which we all recognize as being impartial and objective in their analysis and their reporting of news, we should anticipate ahead of time where the communist progressive Antifa might strike next.  Resistance to their righteous attacks would be considered an unprovoked act of aggression on the part of white supremacists.

So here is a list of new things that are now racist.  Beware.

So now you know: if you like to sit on park benches, or are homeschooling your children, or use proper grammar while using your hands while speaking, you are a racist.  Likewise, if you go to museums, or use mathematics, or seek truth in the world, or you use plastic wrap, or arrest someone for vandalism if you are a cop, or belong to a fraternity, you are most definitely a racist white supremacist.  And green frogs.  To prove that you are not a racist, punch a green frog if you come across one while walking in the park.  (Wait – is walking in the park racist?)

So stop it!  After all, we don't want another Charlottesville, do we?

Armando Simón is a retired college professor and is the author of A Cuban from Kansas, Very Peculiar Stories, and The U.  They can be found at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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