Hillary's delusional bubble

Hillary Clinton is now yammering on about being "creeped out" by Donald Trump "stalking" her on stage during the presidential debates.

She recalls this traumatizing experience in her tell-all book, What Happened, but everyone knows what happened.  She lost the same day her campaign manager, Robby Mook, awoke with a "sense of foreboding."  (He finally caught on to what was happening around him.)

Hillary's unwavering determination to stay inside her elitist bubble sank her campaign.  Nothing seems to have jolted her out of her Trump-bashing reverie.  She's still taking shots at him from her sinking ship – as Americans remain anxious over jobs, health care, and the American dream.  Those are the things that escaped her notice during the 18-month campaign.

The psychology behind her latest rant is indicative of Hillary casting herself as a professional victim.  She was "stalked," "harassed," and even subject to "misogynistic power" and all those other nasty antisocial traits exhibited by opposition voters reduced to a "basket of deplorables" (note ungrammatical pluralization).  The media let the gaffe slide along with her track record as an accomplished liar and criminal politician (which has been keeping Judicial Watch busy for years).

Campaign chieftain John Podesta received the most unsalable insight into Hillary's personality from another top aide, Neera Tanden: "Almost no one knows better [than] me that her instincts can be terrible."  As bad as Hillary's instincts are, she had a top-flight adviser in her husband, Bill Clinton.  Good thing for Trump, she routinely ignored his advice, and her campaign staff members were even overheard mocking and marginalizing him, according to the Associated Press.  They did the same thing to American voters.

Now the Democrats are taking the same page out of Hillary's playbook.  They are viewing domestic and foreign news through an uncompromising "we hate Donald Trump" prism.  They have nothing to offer to improve the lives of Americans.  Banging on about a $15.00 minimum wage (another job-killer), offering sanctuary cities to criminals, and refusing to lower taxes isn't going to improve the economic mess left behind by Obama.

The self-proclaimed leftists have proven to be expert at racist rants, destruction of property, and protests stopping traffic (while hindering the lives of people who actually have jobs to report to).  They are loud and growing louder.

In the meantime, Trump has managed to prevail over an economy surging ahead with one million new jobs, billions of dollars in regulatory rollback, and a more than 70% decline in Southwest illegal border crossings.  This is nothing short of a miracle in light of the obstructionists attempting to hijack him at every turn.

The American people have elected a fighter, not a career politician with an astonishing track record of adding to the population of swamp-dwellers in a town teeming with parasitic swamp inhabitants.

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