Guess who's building a border wall now!

It seems as if the world is taking some lessons from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and President Donald Trump (R).

Under Netanyahu, Israel has built miles of a security barrier separating it from the terrorist-dominated Gaza Strip, which has greatly reduced terrorist infiltration from the Hamas-dominated area (officially ruled by the Palestinian [sic] Authority).  And of course, one of the main themes of the successful Trump candidacy was his promise to construct a long wall separating the U.S. and Mexico to prevent illegal aliens (not "undocumented immigrants") and drug smugglers from entering this country. 

Advocates of both barriers have been condemned as racists and bigots for merely protecting their citizens, often by the same people who double-lock their own doors, have elaborate security systems, and have...well, yes, even a wall surrounding their property.  (Yes, former president Barack Hussein Obama [D], I'm talking about you.  And you, too, "no barriers, no walls" singer Katy Perry.)

Now Turkey has announced that it is building a wall along its border with Iran to stop Kurdish separatists from entering.  The Kurds, a religious and ethnic minority in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria, want their own state, but those same countries who endorse a phony Palestinian state will not allow a Kurdish state. 

Two years ago, Turkey built a barrier along its border with Syria to prevent ISIS terrorists from entering.

Part of a wall under construction is seen along the border with Syria in the town of Reyhanli, in Hatay province, Turkey, Friday, Aug. 21, 2015.  AP, via Haaretz.

ANKARA, Turkey – Turkey has begun building a "security wall" along part of its border with Iran, regional officials said Tuesday, in a move aimed at stopping Kurdish separatists.

Pictures showing huge concrete blocks being moved into place were published on the governor's website for the eastern Agri province.

Turkish authorities announced construction of a 144-kilometer (80-mile) long barrier in May as a means of blocking cross-border movements by members of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). The entire Turkish-Iranian frontier is around 500 kilometers long. ...

To beef up security on its Syrian border, Turkey began constructing a similar wall two years ago to prevent Islamic State group fighters moving easily between the two countries and to clamp down on illegal crossings. ...

He added that further border security measures would be put in place once the construction had been completed.

The open borders babblers have yet to comment.