Game on

I think we've been going about settling problems the wrong way.  People are very willing to fight for what they believe, but then people get hurt.

Instead, I propose another game show.  Let the Antifa and KKK have a cage match.  Restrict it to only those people who actually want to be involved in violence, who accept the risk of injury and death.  The rest can be live audience members, cheering their sides on.  The audience would obviously have to be separated with strong barriers, but that's better than risking police.  The winning side gets bragging rights and a modest amount of prize money, perhaps some endorsement contracts for t-shirts and breakfast cereal.

Maybe each ideological or political difference of opinion gets its own show.  Rematch after rematch, since neither side would want to accept the results of a given fight.  And at least one side doesn't want the strife to end, to give up its soapbox.

This could work on a global scale.  Folks at home painting their faces with team colors, having game parties.  Maybe a Super Bowl episode in which Antifa fights the Palestinians or, optionally, parties with them instead.

At least in the United States, we treat political events like entertainment.  "Survivor: Presidential Edition" brought us to having Donald Trump, and it hasn't been that bad.  Game shows with seasonal ladders for the teams would be a lot cheaper than standing armies, navies, and air forces.  It doesn't let the winners take over the whole world – just the fame and money, which seems to be what liberals really want.

Democracy to Game-ocracy?  Is it really so silly?

I hope so.  I need to laugh more.  I think we all do.