Delighted with Trump

Don't tell anybody, but I'm actually beginning to love Trump.  Not physically, natch, but as our funniest and most truthful president since Calvin Coolidge. 

Normal Americans have watched our politics turn to mud for a quarter-century, since Bill Clinton, the Arkansas corruptocrat.  We've watched it and watched it while the media turned into a copycat Soviet propaganda ministry, and now, finally, somebody is acting like an adult and talking without having to explain every single word.

We know that the State Department has been Foggy Bottom for decades, a place where Harvard grads go to rusticate – effectively, to die as real human beings and turn into robotocrats.  We know it, Harry Truman knew it, but The Donald is actually saying it.  Not in whole paragraphs, but in sound bites every American understands – except for the deeply indoctrinated.

The sheer entitled misery of losing with Hillary has ruined their year.  Well, they deserve it, because they are responsible for just about all the chronic troubles in the world.  Yes, including Kim Jong-un and his whole family, who have been suckering the world with Democratic collusion for maybe thirty years. 

Madeleine Albright was sent to that hellhole to "negotiate" with Kim II, waltzed with him like two cartoon hippos on the balcony of his palace while thousands of starving cadres marched by on the street below.  Then she came back flaunting a "treaty" with the Norks, promising they wouldn't build a plutonium bomb, because they were really planning on old-fashioned uranium.  They knew it, Bill and Maddy knew it, and the New York Times knew it, but they lied, lied, lied to us.

The American people were infinitely stupid, and the media celebrated Bill's big victory.

But we caught on many years ago, and normal, sane, and undeluded Americans have been storing up all those memories.

Trump means payback.  We understand it every single time.

Don't tell mediots.  Let them marinate in their hatred for another seven years – with a little luck – and then let's elect another business guy with common sense instead of a political whore.

(And they are all political whores.  Politics isn't a business; it's a scam from beginning to end.)

The Democrats, every single one, have allowed all the messes to build up, including nuclear proliferation.  Now Trump will be blamed if he doesn't clean up all the garbage they've allowed to grow and grow and grow.  That's what they did to George Bush on Saddam Hussein, and our European "allies" are just the same.  If we have to blow up Pyongyang, they will blame Trump.  And guess who's built up the Deep, Corrupt, and tyrannical State.

I know the truth, and so do you.

Yay, Trump.

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