DeBlasio Wants to Remove Christopher Columbus Statue

It appears that New York City may remove statues of Christopher Columbus.

On August 16, 2017, Mayor DeBlasio tweeted:

“After the violent events in Charlottesville, New York City will conduct a 90-day review of all symbols of hate on city property.”

DeBlasio was joined by City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito who said:

“There's very much an ongoing dialogue and debate in the Caribbean, particularly in Puerto Rico where I'm from, about this same conversation that there should be no monument or statue of Christopher Columbus based on what he means or what he signifies ... the Native population that was there when he came, oppression, and everything that he brought with him"

The statue was donated to New York in 1892 by an Italian-American group, it is located at Columbus Circle:

After the violent events in Charlottesville, New York City will conduct a 90-day review of all symbols of hate on city property.

2:02 PM - 16 Aug 2017

Evidently the rap against Columbus is that his discovery of the Americas led to the Europeans settling in the Americas.  The arrival of the Europeans led to spoilation of the paradise where the indigenous or natives led peaceful lives with no wars, fighting, slavery, hunger, disease, etc.  As every good Leftist, now a Democrat, and follower of the Mainstream/Fake News Media,  knows all these problems were caused by the Europeans who settled in the Americas.  Maybe we also should stop using the word AMERICA since it is derived from another European Italian, Americo Vespucci.  Also, change the name of the Verrazano Bridge and Columbus Circle, and every city named Columbus and Columbia.

DeBlasio and Melissa Viverito are both of Italian descent. Both used the Italian-sounding surnames of their mothers which helped them get Italian votes in New York City.  DeBlasio and Viverito are offended by the Italian Christopher Columbus but not offended enough that they used their Italian surnames to get votes.

Melissa is a supporter of Occupy Wall Street.  She has really suffered because of the Christopher Columbus discovery:  Melissa attended Columbia University and Baruch College. She inherited $6,700,000 from her father, a doctor, and owns a condo worth $1,300,000, in addition to rental properties.  I don’t know how she bears up with this oppression caused by Chris Columbus.

The premise of the drive to remove statues of Columbus is that the European settlement of the Americas was bad, and specifically, the United States is bad.  No Columbus, then no Europeans, then no USA, so goes the logic. Thus, Columbus may be a symbol of hate.

Maybe Mayor DeBlasio and Viverito, before they take down the statue of Columbus, can explain to us why immigrants from all over the world came to and still want to come to the U.S.A.  If it is so bad, why do we have an issue with illegal immigrants, errrrr, excuse me, undocumented immigrants, who flock to the U.S.A?

Why do the Dems go to court to oppose the Trump travel ban?  Why do the Dems support sanctuary cities, open borders, and oppose the border wall?   If the U.S.A. is so bad,  started by Columbus, then it would seem logical that the Dems and their media cheerleaders would want to keep immigrants OUT of the U.S.A., not allow them IN.  After all we are a bad nation which started from Columbus’s discovery of the America.



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