Crackdown on Iranian political prisoners reveals Rouhani's true colors

While Tehran's diplomacy apparatus has been trying to portray a moderate image of the Iranian regime, the realities inside the country reveal a completely different truth. On July 30, a few days before the inauguration of Hassan Rouhani's second term as president, the special guards of Gohardasht Prison, Karaj (60 kilometers west of Tehran), also known as Raja'i Shahr, raided a ward where political prisoners, prisoners of conscience, human rights defenders, trade unionists, journalists, and students were kept.  The prison guards forcibly transferred some 50 inmates to a separate hall without allowing them to take their personal possessions, including their medicine.  In the process, several of the prisoners who protested the unlawful act were beaten and injured. Hall 10, where the prisoners have been transferred, is a high-security section.  Surveillance cameras and listening devices are installed in every corner, including the bathrooms, in order to...(Read Full Post)