Colin Kapernick not yet re-hired? Is the entire NFL racist?

By Dr. Tar

Skip Bayless and 100,000 signers are calling for a boycott of games this NFL season if Colin Kaepernick isn't signed.  Director Spike Lee is planning a pro-Colin rally in front of NFL headquarters on August 24.  

Kapernick, the seven-year veteran quarterback, caused controversy last year by remaining seated or kneeling during the National Anthem, declaring, "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color." 

He choose to opt out of his contract with San Francisco in March and has remained unemployed since. 

According to a recent analysis by the website FiveThiryEight, an NFL team should have signed the controversial player already.  Some observers, most recently former basketball great Charles Barkley, have accused the NFL of blackballing Kaepernick, even though the Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins, and Seattle Seahawks have all reportedly shown an interest in the former starter.  The problem may be Kaepernick himself, who, sources say, has turned down a league minimum of $900,000.  

While the Ravens still appear to be interested, as a backup to their oft-hurt starter Joe Flacco, there is another Baltimore-Washington metro area team that would benefit tremendously by hiring the forlorn quarterback: the Washington Redskins. 

The Redskins have yet to ink a long-term contract with its current starter, Kirk Cousins.  Bringing Kaepernick in would pressure Cousins to come to terms with the team.  The money saved in negotiations and forcing Cousins to take a lesser sum would probably offset the additional monies needed to sign Kaepernick for a year.  Given the possible financial damage done to the rest of the league if indeed a major boycott did develop, the other teams might find it in their best interest to pony up a hundred thousand apiece to help put Kaepernick in the burgundy and gold of D.C.'s favorite team. 

Of course, nothing would give this NFL fan greater pleasure than watching virtue-signalers, both high and low, having to decide if they will support a team whose name has been deemed offensive to Native Americans versus turning their backs on their favorite Black Lives Matter supporter in the league.

We'd all like to see the Skip Baylesses and Spike Lees of the world sitting in a sky box high over FedEx Field, proudly wearing their Redskins-Kaepernick jerseys.  The boost in sales of all that Kaepernick gear would be a windfall for the team, and we'd all enjoy watching the self-appointed defenders of the easily offended parade around with the logo hated by social justice warriors everywhere.

Imagine the healing that would happen around the league if owner Dan Snyder were to simply reach out to the beleaguered player and give him a chance to play the game he so obviously loves.  

Dr. Tar is the pseudonym of Barry Foltos, Ph.D.  Dr. Tar is a regular contributor to iOTW Report and author of the speculative thriller FairPoint.

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