Charlottesville: Where freedom of speech died?

As a constitutional conservative (and Christian), I find white supremacy and the KKK repugnant, but if their ability to assemble and to speak is abridged without a ruling by the courts, who is it that has made this judgment?  Do there exist arbiters in our society who have been granted special authority to rule on one's speech to determine what is allowable and what is hate?  Politicians?  The media?  Academicians?  Pundits?  What about the mob?   

Who, short of America's Supreme Court, has the authority to rule something hate speech?

What emboldened the Nazis was their ability, through propaganda (and force), to unilaterally depict Jews and the sick as less than human and an enemy of the people.  This provided "the German people" justification to commit despicable acts while maintaining moral authority.

I fear a handful of idiots with bad haircuts and silly uniforms far less than the circumvention of our constitutional rights.  If these self-appointed judges can determine that "white nationalists" are haters (before they've spoken or assembled), what will stop them from categorizing any American of Caucasian descent who supports our Constitution and limited government within this "nationalist" classification?  Does anyone doubt, with the drumbeat against "white privilege" on college campuses, that it will one day be determined (by these judges) that all white persons are haters?  Could a white person atone for his sin, by denouncing the Constitution, joining the Democratic Party, or pledging fealty to this new authority? How many fingers am I holding up?

And what of the meting out of justice in these hate speech matters?  Has it become acceptable for these "speech arbiters" to direct, or permit, like-minded ruffians to take matters into their own hands in adjudicating (social) justice at the street level?

Seemingly so.  Within the past year and half, when these conflicts have arisen, within predominantly leftist enclaves (Charlottesville, Baltimore, Ferguson, Seattle, Portland, Berkeley, San Jose, etc.), local jurisdictions (Democrat) have had their police "stand down" from their duty to protect the people, endangering non-liberals primarily but also (in Charlottesville) all persons present.

As these special arbiters become entrenched, what mechanisms will be in place to protect the people against them ruling on other matters as well, beyond speech?

Support a Christian-centered view on salvation – be denied federal employment.

Oppose the redefinition of marriage – lose your job or business.

Oppose men proclaiming that they're women – have your children taken away by the state.

Two and two make four, unless the state says they make five – re-education treatments.

Where will it end?

Isn't it funny (if not tragic) that the self-described anti-fascist movement is using fascist tactics to advance its will?  It is unfortunate, but not at all surprising, that our feckless, ahem, representatives and, cough-cough, thought leaders have bent to the demands of the leftist mob.  Sadly, our thought leaders don't recognize that they are being asked to denounce "white supremacy" as hateful (which it is) while granting a pass to Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  This denunciation is intended to cause all conservatives to be tainted with the stink of white supremacy while emboldening BLM and Antifa that their actions are (presumably) justified under the charter of social justice.

Y'all got played.  You (we) all are racists now.  Mark my words: conservative speech will be inexorably curtailed moving forward.  Ideas on governance will have a narrow permitted field of play.  Watch your Ps and Qs – Big Brother is watching, and his brownshirts are at the ready.

Free speech died today in America.