Charlottesville and truth

Those who control the narrative control the truth.  Following Charlottesville, all must understand the broader context of current events – the conservative movement (not to be confused with media-created Alt-Right or white nationalists) desires the restoration of America's founding principles, as documented in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

The principles of freedom are universal (all men) and are granted by God.  Our founding documents enshrined these rights, and were "exceptional" in their development and institutionalization. 

There is a counter-movement that seeks America's destruction and the imposition of a new covenant, predicated on the wisdom of man or, more particularly, a select group of men, who seek to manage the affairs of all man. 

These two contradictory principles are reflected as liberty and tyranny.  Freedom and totalitarianism.  Charlottesville was a "shot heard 'round the world" of the opening salvo in the final battle between these two worldviews. 

What is remarkable (about our current culture) is the virtue-signaling and moral superiority maintained by those who control the dominant (leftist) narrative.  It is not possible, as President Trump asserted, that "all parties" are to blame for the violence perpetrated at the ill-named "Unite The Right" event in Charlottesville.  The left controls the narrative and has a lock on what is determined to be "hate."

Washington Post headline: "Trump lit the torches of white supremacy in Charlottesville. We must extinguish them."

The media; local authorities; and, in this instance, Virginia's governor, Terry McAuliffe, determined, before a word was spoken or a step was taken in the "permitted" march, that "white nationalists" (whatever that is) are haters.  Disregard that countless prior Black Lives Matter events (sanctioned and unsanctioned) called for the murder and suppression of white people generally and white cops specifically.  Likewise with Antifa events, where violence was perpetrated against, again, predominantly white people.    

What is truth?  Who determines truth?  What if what is true contradicts the culturally approved "narrative" of truth?  If the left (or any entity) can control what is deemed hate, then it can control the populace.

Are we (you and I) prepared to stand on truth, if the "culturally accepted narrative of truth" contradicts universal truth? 

"All men are created equal" – by our Creator. 

While man has not always fulfilled "this promise," America and her people have worked toward this endeavor.  Our humanity (and God's hope) dictates that we continue to pursue this truth. 

There are forces that seek to tear this promise apart.  It serves the totalitarian to divide us – by race, class, gender, political affiliation, ad infinitum.  A common people, striving toward a common universal truth, is a threat to those who seek to control.  Fissures, wedges, lies are inroads to destruction.  Utopia cannot be fulfilled (seemingly) until America is destroyed. 

It is up to us (you and me) to stand on the truth (come what may).

A New (cultural) Revolution is upon us.  The next 12-24 months will determine our future.  Liberty or tyranny.  Lies or truth.