Calling out the wrong people for racism

It's time to end the Big Lie.  The reality is that it's Democrats who are racist, not Republicans.

Instead of commenting on how white racists supposedly flock to Donald Trump, we should be discussing how black racists and Antifa thugs supported Hillary and continue to support Democrats.  Even more importantly, we should call out how Democrats support violence and white nationalism.

When a Bernie fan tried to commit mass murder against Republican congressmen, we rightly didn't blame Bernie, and the media buried the story before we even knew if we'd be burying Rep. Scalise – who thankfully survived.  Yet now the media are blaming Trump because some folks who say they like him, and whom he's never said he likes, were violent.  If Bernie isn't responsible for his fans, why is Trump responsible for his?

When BLM fans target cops, we don't condemn all the Democrats who support BLM.  It's amazingly hypocritical for the media to attack Trump for not condemning the Alt-Right enough while Democrats actively endorse the Alt-Left: Antifa and BLM.

Similarly, the media and the left don't condemn the Democrats for their extreme support of a major organization founded by a white nationalist – namely, Planned Parenthood.

Margaret Sanger, who founded PP, was a racist who endorsed Hitler's eugenic policies, but not the Holocaust.  She wanted to eliminate "unfit" people.  Today, PP is the biggest killer of babies in America.  Interestingly, it also appears to be the biggest racist organization in America.

Seventy-nine percent of PP facilities are within walking distance of minority neighborhoods.

Abortion is the leading killer of blacks in America today – 317,547 abortions versus 90,888 deaths due to heart disease and 66,158 due to cancer.

Blacks are more than three times as likely to be aborted as whites.  Have you ever heard a Democrat say abortion should be legal, but we need to fix whatever is causing blacks to abort so much?  Didn't think so.

Jesse Jackson said abortion is genocide against blacks.  Nick Cannon has accused PP of waging genocide against blacks today.

Yet Democrats defend PP with a passion.  Remember: Democrats could support a woman's right to get rid of her baby while still condemning PP for targeting minorities, but they don't. 

Trump merely said some people who don't want statues to be torn down aren't evil.  Yet the media hound Trump and never ask Democrats when they're going to condemn the white nationalist PP.

Could you imagine if Trump supported a group black leaders said was trying to eliminate blacks?  Yet the media give Democrats a free pass.

The latest racist Democrat crusade is against letting blacks choose what school their children can attend.  That's right: according to Democrats, blacks can't be trusted to choose what's best for their kids.  Thirty-nine percent of Chicago city schoolteachers send their kids to private school, but Democrats say it's racist to let poor blacks have the same choice.

Letting blacks choose better schools is racist?  The Democrats are in full 1984 mode here.

Why do Democrats support what looks like an obviously racist position?  It's probably because the teachers make a lot of money, and they donate a big percentage of that money through their union to Democrat politicians.

The media are also shrieking at Trump because he condemned all violence.  Just as saying that all lives matter is offensive according to Democrats, it's apparently now a thoughtcrime to object to violence if the perpetrators are Democrats.

But Democrats don't condemn all violence.  They are silent about the mass shooting of blacks in Democrat-run cities like Chicago and Baltimore.  Thousands of blacks, including children, are murdered or shot in Democrat-run cities, and Democrats are silent.

Democrats have run Chicago for generations, yet they have done nothing to make black neighborhoods safe, to ensure that black kids can get a decent education, or to end the easy access to drugs in black areas.

Now, that's functional racism, even if the Democrats in their hearts aren't racist.

The real reason Democrats and the media are upset about what Trump said is that they want to keep Americans from finding out that Antifa and BLM are far more violent than the KKK or the Nazis these days.

The Democrats like Antifa using violence to shut down speakers Democrats don't like, such as Ann Coulter.  After all, what fascist organization – in this case, the Democratic Party – doesn't like having some brownshirts it can call on to beat up dissenting voices?

Don't be fooled: Democrats endorse violence if it's against the people they don't like. 

Trump condemned Nazis and white nationalists, while Democrats endorse BLM and Antifa.

Trump stands for the rule of law and civil discourse; Democrats stand for the mob and the iron fist that crushes dissenters.

Trump stands for American values, while Democrats stand for the rule of thugs.

Don't let this new Big Lie get traction.  Point out the media and Democrat hypocrisy and racism to your friends.

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