Bull sends animal rights activist airborne after he jumps into beast's bullring

An angry bull was not impressed by a gaggle of animal rights activists who barged into its bullring in Carcassonne, France in a misbegotten bid to "protect" the bulls.  One of them, apparently from an animal rights group whose name translates from French to 'The Animal is a Person," was flung skyward by the bull.

According to RT News, which has the video:

Anti-bullfighting protesters who invaded a ring in France on Sunday found themselves under attack by the animal they were trying to protect. Video shows the activists being chased by the bovine, which then flings one of them into the air.

It goes to show how badly these people misunderstand the nature of the beasts they are supposedly advocating for.  To these advocates, bulls are soft, cuddly pets who are unjustly targeted by wicked bullfighters, whose tradition of cattle-wrangling and provisions from ranching are the basis for the bullfighting and rodeo endgames that come of those ancient cultures.  To them, it's the insipid cuddly animal idea, or more likely the idea that animals are people, that causes them to so badly misjudge what they are fighting for.  That the bull could seemingly make its opinion known by opting to get rid of the ragtag bounders invading its ring would only seem natural.

Hope the flung idiot wasn't hurt too badly.  Maybe he learned a little respect for nature this time.

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